How to choose and buy a backpack?

Today, the choice of backpacks in Pakistan is huge, they are distinguished:
By models:

Branded; Stylish; Women’s; Baby; Youth; Fashion; For picnics etc. etc.

By types:

City backpacks; Backpack-bag; Backpacks for schoolchildren; Hermetic packaging.

By purpose:

For hunting/fishing; For climbers; For divers; For snowboarders; Expeditionary; Tourist; Bicycle backpacks.

By volume:

Up to 40KG; 40 – 80 KG; From 80 K; Trunk bags; Dry bags.

By type:

 Soft backpacks – a structural type of the usual model, but without any frame and rigid elements. It is especially convenient when camping for the night, when rafting on the river, when the tourist equipment has been removed; the compactness of the model allows you to assemble it in a small canvas bundle. To stiffen the inside of a soft backpack, a rug or rubber pad is laid, which all tourists take with them. Buy high-quality backpacks at affordable prices for every active person offers the online store ““.

Skeleton backpacks is a device of tourist equipment that has an anatomical plastic insert or an aluminum frame for vertical rigidity. In some models, a notch for frame armor is provided, they can be used as a soft option. Our online store sells backpacks of high quality, the range is huge, everyone will pick up and be able to buy travel equipment according to their own needs.

– Easel backpacks – this design has an external frame with a suspension system fixed to it (straps and a belt). Camping equipment and parts for tents, snowboards and skis are attached to the base. To pick up and buy an easel-type backpack, you do not have to be an athlete or a climber; this type of design is perfect for summer residents, fishermen, and hunters. Many people with an active lifestyle will want to buy a backpack of this model, as it is practical and versatile.

Types of adjustment systmen for the knot of straps in backpacks

In this article, we will talk a little about the adjustment systems for the knot of straps, which are used in most models of backpacks from the Equipment company. There are three in total. This is the adjustment system “Sv new”, “SB” and “C”.

  1. Sv new adjustment system:

This system is characterized by a metal frame with plastic elements, which gives additional rigidity to the back. The shoulder straps are adjustable by a ladder on the back of the backpack and are fixed with Velcro tape, so you can customize the backpack to suit your comfort.

The inner part of the back (the inner part of the straps, belts) is made of a special ventilated Airmesh material. This system is presented in models: Pharaoh, Canyon, Fjord, Grandmaster, Sherp, Baksan, Huntsman,

2. SB adjustment system:

Such a system is characterized by an H-shaped metal frame with plastic elements.

Each strap is individually adjustable with a buckle.

Removable weight belt.

Presented in models Aleut, Tuareg

3. Adjustment system C:

The straps of this system, which are fixed with Velcro tape, move along the frame elements as if on rails. It is also characterized by a metal frame with plastic elements.

Removable weight belt.

Such a system can be found in the model “Commander”, “Master”

Zhiguli Mountains: rest light with a tourist backpack Pharaoh

The Zhiguli Mountains have long attracted me to them. After extreme canyoning in the South-Western Crimea and several trekking in the mountains of Adjara with irreplaceable equipment and a reliable tourist backpack Pharaoh, this time I wanted something simple and light. So that you don’t have to once again test yourself for strength and drive 35 km a day. The soul asked for a banal outing into the picturesque mountains and magical caves with a friendly company. So the choice unobtrusively fell on the Lada. We associated this hike with a simple ascent, as an elementary rest in the Zhiguli Mountains for ordinary tourists. Outside the window was the end of September, the cool, clear weather was the best suited for the weekend route to the Zhiguli Mountains, caves and valleys.

Of course, any trip with an ascent to a hill, even if the mountains, like the Zhiguli, do not have sky-high peaks, must begin with technical and informational preparation. And this was understood by all members of the group, since we first came to the Zhiguli Mountains. The necessary equipment was available from previous trips:

1) A powerful camera to bring home high-quality and clear photos from a vacation in the Zhiguli Mountains;

2) waterproof tent for bivouac and halts;

3) Light and warm down sleeping bag;

4) A polyurethane mat wiped to holes;

5) A powerful lantern to enter the caves of the Zhiguli Mountains and advance early in the morning on the route;

6) a reliable tourist backpack Pharaoh, so that all this luggage can be comfortably carried on your back.

Information preparation included searching for various useful information on the Internet related to the region. In the photo, the Zhiguli Mountains looked very picturesque, so I wanted to get to know this beauty better.

Our vacation in the Zhiguli mountains and caves

The purpose of the trip was not so much to rest in the Zhiguli mountains, but to explore the rocky part of the hill, reconnaissance of the territory and sights, an attempt to get used to the area and form a complex impression about it. Moreover, Pharaoh backpacks and comfortable equipment made it possible to climb any peak. We wanted to collect the most incredible photos of the Zhiguli Mountains for our own collection. And here’s what happened on the ground.

Let’s start with the fact that the Zhiguli peaks can be called mountains with great convention, because the maximum height of this hill (so to speak geographically correct) does not even reach 400 meters. The full height of the Zhiguli Mountains is spectacularly visible only from the direction of the Volga, in fact, they look more like a chain of wooded hills. Despite the modest “growth” of the peaks, it is by no means easy to travel along them. And we absolutely vainly hoped for a rest, the Zhiguli mountains did not let us relax for a second.

Being composed of limestone’s and dolomites, sedimentary rocks, all the Zhiguli mountains are literally torn up and down by gullies and ravines, ravines and even real mini-canyons! Forest paths jump all the time a la sinusoids from one hill to another. On the hike, the Zhiguli Mountains demonstrate solid forest roads, which now and then unexpectedly run into an impassable gully.

Caves and other sights of the Zhiguli Mountains

Taking tourist equipment and Pharaoh backpacks, we set our sights on the highest and at the same time the most contrasting part of the Zhiguli massif. At a distance of 3-4 km from Zhigulevsk there is Bald Mountain, so named because of the extremely scarce forest cover on its slopes. Its height above the river level is some 170 meters, but when climbing, I had to pull myself up a little. It’s good that the reliable Pharaoh backpack practically does not press on the back. The top of Bald Mountain gives the traveler amazingly beautiful panoramic views of the mighty river. And if bad weather suddenly catches you, you can hide in a small grotto, it will shelter pilgrims who decide to rest in the Zhiguli Mountains almost at the very top.

Then we headed south, where a cliff with the strange name Sheludyak was clearly visible 2 km away. At its foot is another unremarkable grotto. By the way, if you go to the Zhiguli mountains, caves and grottoes will catch your eye regularly. At the entrance to one of them, we set up camp and spent the night.

The next day, the ridges of the Zhiguli Mountains along the route we had planned appeared higher and steeper. Although the relative heights here are within 250-300 meters, the relief forms on the Zhiguli Mountains are truly alpine. And along the pointed ridge of Bakhilova Mountain, the path is so narrow that it is possible to pass only when moving in a chain. But how many emotions! And I was glad that the Zhiguli Mountains gave beautiful photos. It is only a pity that in many places man has invaded natural space so predatory.

A short story about the emergence of the Zhiguli Mountains

The Zhiguli Mountains used to be a plain. People lived there, glorifying their land with songs and prayers. She gave them everything that was necessary for a comfortable existence. They will throw a grain into the ground, and a field of wheat will grow there to the height of a man, and if the wind brings a seed, then the field will immediately turn into a chamomile meadow. The foreigners found out about this and decided to attack the prosperous and glorious land. Gathered an army of innumerable, and went to conquer. Suddenly, two huge statues with cliffs rose in front of them, the robbers could not overcome them. Since then, two hills have stood and are called Maiden Mountain and Molodetsky Kurgan.

Interesting facts about the Zhiguli mountains

We got wonderful photos of these pretty Zhiguli mountains. In place of spectacular cliffs and wooded ridges, quarries for the extraction of dolomites and gypsum soon grew on our way, oil pumps silently nodded in the distance. Traveling through the Zhiguli mountains among trucks and the noise of machinery is a dubious pleasure. But the main surprise awaited us at the end of the trip.

During the break, we dropped the Pharaoh tourist backpacks from our shoulders and started a conversation with the local men. They told us that we did not see the main thing. It turns out that the Zhiguli Mountains have multiple UFO visits and have all sorts of paranormal phenomena! Hunters for the supernatural come here from all over Russia. But that’s a completely different story.

At the moment, the rest in the Zhiguli mountains and caves is over, the photos are collected in the Pharaoh tourist backpack, and we are moving back.

We collect a backpack for a hike: rules and recommendations for packing equipment

Packing your backpack correctly means enjoying the hike. When nothing interferes and does not cause inconvenience, you can relax and enjoy the natural beauties of the earth. Before you pack a backpack on a tour, you need to learn that the center of gravity should be located as close as possible to the back in the region of the shoulder blades. With this location of the load, you can overcome a significant distance.

There are no hard and fast rules on how to properly assemble a backpack, but there are general recommendations:

Group all items by purpose and pack. For example, change of shoes, clothing, hygiene accessories, utensils – everything is laid out in different packages. The smaller the convolutions are, the easier it will be to place them.

Before you pack a backpack for a hike, all portable liquids must be additionally sealed. To do this, you can use rubber fingertips or baby nipples. They are pulled over the cork, carefully fixed.

Arrange the bundles as tightly as possible, leaving no gaps or crevices. Fill the space between large things with small ones, carefully tamping everything. When moving, nothing should rattle, knock and move, thereby changing the center of gravity.

Things that may be urgently needed (windbreaker or raincoat, change of clothes, first aid kit, knife, lighter and dry fuel, provisions, water, etc.) should be placed in the upper part of the assembled backpack or in pockets. Ideally, assemble them so that you can get them without removing or unpacking your backpack.

Put the keys to the apartment, documents and other important, but completely useless things on the trip, put them in your inside pocket so that they don’t get lost or get wet.

Arrange heavy things evenly, avoiding the skew of the tourist backpack collected for the hike, otherwise the drooping and burdening of one side will affect fatigue and the general condition of the person.

How to pack a backpack: basic tips for beginners and first-time hikers

Collecting a hiking backpack is not easy: there is a lot to consider and remember. Here are some more tips on how to pack your travel backpack as efficiently as possible:

How to assemble a tourist backpack If the volume of the backpack is not enough, you can attach part of the equipment side or bottom, using special straps. Things need to be tightly rolled up, wrapped in polyethylene.

Long objects are best attached to the side.

Bulky, but not heavy things can be attached to the bottom.

Do not be afraid to make an effort, carefully fill in all the voids. In this case, when moving, objects will not move.

How to pack a travel backpack

Modern tourist backpacks have a rigid frame and armor (a special elastic shield that relieves the load from the back), they are sewn from a practically non-wetting material. If your backpack model does not have rigid elements, you can use the old trick: put a large plastic bag inside, then insert a travel mat rolled into a tube, straighten it to the walls. You will get a kind of frame that will keep its shape, provide the necessary degree of softness for the back, and polyethylene will protect the contents from possible precipitation. This is one of the important points on how to properly assemble a backpack that does not have a rigid frame.

This method of packing a backpack is effective if you plan to hike a short distance, without climbing mountains, in good weather, when you can arrange a bivouac at the first feeling of discomfort. And if you plan a long trip, then there is no need to save money, you need to buy a backpack with a rigid frame, otherwise things will shrink, the polyethylene and the rug will slide off and gaps will be created in the backpack assembled for the hike, which will deform the styling and affect the center of gravity, one-sided sagging is formed.

How to assemble a backpack with a rigid frame

In the lower third of the volume, not very heavy, but massive things are placed. It is convenient if this section of the backpack has its own zipper and partition. You can pack warm clothes, a sleeping bag, etc. in this part. Often, modern backpacks for hiking have a bottom pocket that folds out if you need to increase the displacement. Be careful about packing piercing and cutting objects in your backpack.

Further, everything is similar, only in the back area you need to place a few more soft things that will reduce the pressure of heavy objects. Make sure that the sharp edges do not stick out and do not press into the back. Above, place all the things that you may need on the route. Heavy items (usually canned food, water supplies and food) are placed closer to the back, but not the very bottom in order to avoid sagging. These are all the basic rules for how to assemble a hiking backpack. It remains to check the correct installation.

How to try packing a backpack

Everything is complicated. Now you need to tighten the side straps as tight as possible. Put on a backpack, walk, rise on your toes or jump, try to bend down, sit down. Check your own feelings. Discomfort can appear not only from improper packing of the backpack, but also from the wrong length of the straps and fixation straps. Check them carefully. If you need to lean forward and pull the straps up, the lower part of the backpack is overloaded; if you pull back, the top is too heavily loaded. If everything is fine, nothing rattles or knocks, then everything is done correctly, the backpack is packed correctly.

These are all the features of how to assemble a hiking backpack. The main thing is not to rush and do everything thoroughly.

From Pyatigorsk to Dombay – on foot with a backpack

Not everyone is capable of hiking in the mountains. Anyone who has not been to the mountains most likely does not understand why they should spend their vacation on body torture and the dubious pleasure of spending the night in tents. Well, those who love hiking with a backpack on their backs run away from any civilized resort in a few days to Dombai mountains and valleys, to the expanses of Russian land and rise to the skies in order to free their soul and heart from the bustle of the city stream. For them, tents for tourism are shelter, bivouac, lodging for the night.

Start the route

That’s such a lover of hiking and is Ivan Pesotsky. For him, the best rest is to pack a backpack for a hike and go on a route with a group of friends, and not just anywhere, namely to the mountains of Dombay and Elbrus. Where the air is clear as dew in the morning, sleeping in a tourist tent is a real pleasure. Not so long ago, he flew with a group to one of the most beautiful cities – Pyatigorsk. And he went on a hike with a backpack and a tent from Pyatigorsk to the Dombai mountains. On the highway it is 190 kilometers and 3 hours of driving, but no one from the team knew how long the walking route would take.

Interesting places in Pyatigorsk

For those who have not been to the Caucasus, there is something to see in Pyatigorsk. Leaving the basic equipment, backpacks and tents for tourism at the hotel, the group in full strength went to the city. We started with the implementation of the “mandatory program” – climbing Mount Mashuk. The choice was: rent a car or go on foot by cable car. Of course, we went on foot – a light warm-up before the hike will not hurt. After all, the equipment was left in the hotel, they took only a tent, a blanket, food and matches with them. Everything is folded into one backpack, which was passed from time to time to each member of the group. The journey was easy, the mood was great.

From the top of the mountain, a panorama of Kavminvoda opens up and Elbrus appears in all its glory (it is only 90 kilometers from Pyatigorsk). Here you can take a picture in front of the famous Proval and swim in Shameless Baths.

These baths are a real asset, they are known from the notes of Muhammad Ibn Battuta, which he mentioned in the 14th century. Structures carved into the rock are filled with water from the source of Mount Goryachaya. They have been swimming naked in them for hundreds of years: old and young, soldier and officer, gentlemen and subjects, women and men. That is why the structures are called “shameless”. These natural baths treat chronic wounds, rheumatism, purulent formations and other diseases.

At the top of Mashuk there is a photographer with a set of a Caucasian gentleman: a Circassian hat-dagger and a sad donkey, whose name is Olga Petrovna. Hiking in the mountains is a knowledge of the wonderful world, a fine line of rapprochement with nature. For fans of extreme entertainment, there is even a paragliding flight. Only 2000 rubles and you fly over Pyatigorsk near mountains and gorges. In the city you can go to the place of Lermontov’s death and visit the house where he lived.

Check your backpack a hundred times! About preparing for a hike

After walking for a short time in beautiful places and appreciating the beauty of Pyatigorsk (and the city is really beautiful, but ahead

Dombay and mountains), Ivan Pesotsky’s group took up the packing of provisions and tourist equipment. For tourism, especially hiking in the mountains, the weight of the equipment, its quality, and reliability are also important.

For a hike, a properly folded backpack is not just important, but vital, like a quality tent. Undoubtedly, the best tents for tourism in the spring-summer period Rondo 4: light, high-quality, do not leak or blow through. Most of the participants from the group that gathered in the mountains had a Skat 40 backpack, which had already been tested on more than one trip.

Went on route

Random things are not taken, especially when hiking in the Dombay mountains. Having once again checked the equipment, reviewed the backpacks and packing, we went on the route, but it turned out that not all the interesting places of Pyatigorsk were looked at: at the exit from the city in the Skachki industrial area there is a stud farm and a hippodrome. Arabian horses are bred at the Tersk stud farm. They couldn’t pass by and not look at the magnificent animals, and now the backpacks are taken off again. Halt. It’s not time to go yet. After admiring the noble animals, we put backpacks on our shoulders for a hike, the group headed for the Podkumok River. Most of the route runs along its banks. And you can’t go astray, and the water is

always nearby – a wonderful start to the path. Further on, the hiking route turns more and more away from the habitable places.

There will be overnight stays in a tent for tourism and all the amenities with you – in a backpack. Undoubtedly, hiking in the mountains is not for the weak. Everyone knows (or thinks they know) – Dombay mountains, which will show their natural wealth and beauty only to the strongest and most courageous. In the meantime, the mood is excellent, the Skat 40 backpack is light – the hardest is yet to come.

The weather is fabulous, nature is wonderful, and peaks loom on the horizon. Everyone is looking forward to the trip: Dombay and the mountains beckon and attract. They walk briskly, sing, take pictures, talk and joke – a start has been made, the group has set out on the route.

Have a nice trip, guys, light backpacks, reliable tents and new experiences!

How to choose a leather product from an online store?

Buying a leather product is not easy as to buy other equipment or electronics, it also frees up your hands. It is necessary to gain strength and peace of mind before a hike, tournament, trip, and be sure to buy leather product for a comfortable pastime. Modern online store offers a variety of Models leather products differ not only in volume, types and styles, today you can choose a branded backpack at an affordable price from the most famous manufacturers. The online store “” presents hundreds of types and thousands of models from the most eminent manufacturers of high-quality products for all occasions. You can choose and buy any leather products, the price is affordable, and the quality is undoubted.